Introdcution to Summer Camp: Two-Week Program | Camp Waukeela

Introductory Camp (two-week program)

Waukeela has been welcoming new campers for over 90 years! Our two-week program is designed with intentional goals to help each of our campers develop and grow. 

We offer an introductory, two-week option for first-time campers who are entering 3rd to 5th grade. Normally we only offer this introductory camp to first-time campers but we do make exceptions occasionally due to individual circumstances.  We always ensure that our two-weekers have a very experienced counselor to help them settle in quickly to Waukeela, especially as it may be for some campers their first time away from home.

We try to make sure that our two weekers get a taste of every fun thing that Camp has to offer so they get a real feel for the magic of Waukeela. They are treated just like full session campers but obviously we want them to come back every year as full time campers so we make sure that we cram as many fun activities as possible into their stay. On their last morning we treat them to their very own acknowledgement and leaving ceremony, in which every camper is called up to the front and recognised and spoken about by their counselor and fellow campers.

We can’t wait to welcome your daughter to her first year at Waukeela!