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Share The Love – Refer A Friend

This season, Waukeela wants you to SHARE THE LOVE!
What better way to share the love of Waukeela with another deserving family and camper?

New families and campers are the lifeblood of the future of camp, and like all camps, we need a steady flow of new youngsters every year. Your help in finding new campers for us really is so crucial because as everyone knows word of mouth recommendations are the best way to recruit new families.

  • Both families receive $250 once registration is complete
  • Both campers [the current and referred camper] will receive a limited edition Share The Love T-shirt
  • The referring camper will receive exclusive access to the Pineneedlers Club

I understand some of you may want to keep Waukeela a ‘secret’, but Gill & I urge you to look at your families, friendship circles, and co-worker circles to find one or two new campers.

Thank you in advance for helping us help more campers experience the magic of Waukeela!

Register Now!

For the love of camp!

Graham & Gill

Additional Details
  • only prior year campers can refer
  • referral family must be registered by a particular date?
  • $250 reward will be paid in the form of a $250 Camp Waukeela Gift Card