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Mini Alley Grades 1-4

Our Mini Alley girls at Waukeela are the lifeblood of camp! This age group brings so much energy, fun, and joy to the entire camp. They are quite simply adored by the whole community.

We call each section of Waukeela an “alley” because our cabins are lined up in two rows facing each other.

We have three Mini Alley age groups, all named after fairies, and they even have their own enchanted forest deep in the woods just to add to the magic! Our Sprites are in 1st grade and are seven years old, whilst our Leps are in 2nd grade and are eight years old. Our oldest age group in Mini Alley is our Elves, who are in 3rd grade and are Nine.

We know the minis are young and vulnerable, especially if it is their first time at camp, so we have a Mini Alley Head who is dedicated to looking after the welfare. Ellie Moore is in going into her third year as Mini Alley Head and is the perfect person to look after these little campers as they adore her. Ellie’s unique qualities enable her to be on their level, and she has an intuitive instinct to know what to say and do to keep the campers engaged in the present moment.

In addition to swimming, Minis have three ‘choosing’ periods during which they can choose from a wide range of activities. This schedule is really popular with our youngest campers and gives them a chance to try out new activities that they might not do at home.

During this growth period in their lives, our minis have access to incredible role models in our staff members and support from older campers and their Waukeela sisters.