Leadership Program – C.I.T. New Hampshire | Camp Waukeela

Leadership Program – C.I.T.

CITs are the shining stars of Waukeela, our campers adore them and they often become some of our most talented and loved Waukeela counselors. 

Waukeela allows campers to grow all the way from being a 7 year old Sprite in Mini Alley into our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program. Campers who are entering 11th grade have an incredible leadership opportunity in our summer long program. Over the past 5 years we have worked really hard to create a professional and unique program that gives our CITs a real taste of being responsible for other people.

For the first three weeks, our CITs attend a diverse range of workshops that cover all aspects of the role of a leaders and counselor. During this time they will observe every department on camp including the roles our wonderful support staff play. Simultaneously they prepare for their big adventure known as ET. ET or extended trip is when they practice independence and teamwork on a 7 day whitewater canoeing adventure in the wilderness of Canada.

Throughout first session and during ET, each CIT is mentored and prepared for the responsibility they will have during their final three weeks at Waukeela. Upon their return to camp, CITs live in a cabin with younger campers where they can experience the real life of a Waukeela counselor. They will also join a department and get the chance to teach some basic lessons.