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The Waukeela Experience

Waukeela Camp for Girls: Cultivating Confidence Since 1922

We are a girls’ summer camp committed to helping young women discover the very best version of themselves, encouraging them to fall in love with who they are and helping them bring out the very best in other people at the same time. Every year we create an environment filled with love, joy, self and mutual respect and the results are astounding.


The Waukeela Way

“Where old friendships begin.” -Gill Moore

“Whenever I see a pine tree, Waukeela I will think of you,” is the alma mater your daughter will fondly recall by summer’s end — just as generations of campers throughout the years have before her. 

In a reunion address from beloved retired owner Nancy Burns (affectionately known as Nan E.B.), she announced that 31 people in her family had attended Camp Waukeela. That’s because, since 1922, Waukeela has maintained a legacy of community and tradition, where campers can feel right at home.

Our directors, Gillian and Graham, are dedicated to continuing this legacy where girls from all over the world are bonded together through the strong history of Camp Waukeela. Right from the top Gill and Graham lead by example and show love and compassion to all campers and staff members. They model the culture they want to exist and their infectious love of everyone at camp rubs off on the youngest of campers and the oldest of staff


Community and Growth

All our campers are guided towards opportunities for growth and self-awareness.  By escaping the pressures of school, social media, and electronics, Waukeela campers are given the space, time, and leadership to find their true selves. They belong to a community. Waukeela Campers will sense they belong to something bigger than themselves. Waukeela’s community reaches far beyond the pines and through many generations. When a camper comes to Waukeela, they are welcomed with open arms to a community of thousands of people from all ages and backgrounds who root for them and with whom they share a lifechanging experience.


Where kids can be kids

Waukeela Campers are encouraged to be their own unique selves, to lower their guard, lose their image and discover their true selves. We encourage our campers to lose themselves in the moment by enjoying natural and spontaneous, belly-laughing fun. The uniqueness and diversity of all campers is encouraged and celebrated. Kids at Waukeela can be goofy, quirky and just plain different! At Waukeela… we love different! 


All our campers become part of a global, lifelong sisterhood and although not all members of our community identify as girls, our female-centered space embraces the values of friendship, solidarity, sorority and unity. Each new camper is given a camp sister, someone who helps them prepare for camp and make friends once they arrive. We believe in the transformative nature of friendship. That’s why we assign a big sister to each new camper. Girls succeed in making new friends and learning how to be a great friend. Any Camp Waukeela alumna can tell you that camp friends are the best friends you will ever have.

A sense of belonging

From Graham and Gill through all our staff , we work so hard to nurture a sense of belonging especially with our newest campers. Waukeela Campers dont have to fit in they just belong. At Waukeela campers are encouraged to be their truest selves through being accepted and loved unconditionally by everyone. 

Unique Personalities

Campers are given the space to express themselves comfortably. Whether a camper is feeling quiet and introverted or outwardly extroverted, we provide guidance through space and activities allowing them to discover new aspects of their personality.

Mental Health

Our campers feel emotionally and psychologically safe. Our number one priority is to ensure that ALL campers are cared for and feel safe at all times. We have daily check-ins and procedures to support our camper’s well-being. At every meal each camper  is greeted at the door by the directors for a personal high five check-in. At night and throughout the day, counselors are constantly checking on the camper’s wellbeing. Counselors are checking in with alley heads and alley heads are checking in with the directors, making sure every kid is looked after in the most comprehensive way possible.

Guiding Aspirations and Self Esteem

Every camper is surrounded by inspiring mentors. Our staff is carefully selected, trained, and encouraged to be strong, positive role models for our campers. They are also provided with confidence, self-esteem and reassurance. Waukeela deliberately focuses on campers feeling significant, competent, virtuous and powerful. We provide unique programs, such as “G-Time” which offer encouragement, effective praise, skill-building, and self-direction.

Immersed in Nature

Whether on a trip, swimming in the lake, or just sitting around our campfire at night, your child will immerse themselves in nature. Located in the foothills of Mount Washington, Lakes Region, and the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Waukeela campers will experience the wondrous beauty of the region through daily activities.