Parent & Camper FAQs | Camp Waukeela | Sleepaway Camp for Girls

Parent and Camper FAQs

Where is Camp Waukeela located?

Waukeela is located in beautiful Eaton, New Hampshire, just 2.5 hours away from Boston and 1 hour away from Portland, Maine!

What session lengths do you offer at Camp Waukeela?

Waukeela’s main sessions are three and a half weeks long. Many of our campers start out in our two-week Rookie Camp, while many also jump right into a four-week session as a part of Junior Alley. Read on to learn more about the age groups at Waukeela!

Where do most Waukeela campers come from?

Waukeela campers come from all over! We have campers from the East Coast, West Coast, and many who come to Waukeela from other countries. Campers have the opportunity to meet friends from all over the US and the world!

What is it like to be a first time camper at Waukeela?

At Waukeela, first-time campers are quickly welcomed into our community! We take extra steps to make sure that all first time campers are adapting well to life at Waukeela. Within a day or two, first time campers because very involved in their activities and have already built strong friendships.

What does a day at Waukeela look like?

Summer days at Waukeela are packed full of fun! Following breakfast and cabin clean up, each of our campers begins their daily schedule of activities. After five fun periods of activities, we offer an optional period where our campers have the freedom to swim, relax or connect with each other. Dinner is followed shortly by a fun community evening program and then lights out. We also have many special days at Waukeela where we enjoy events outside of the daily schedule!

Is Waukeela a uniform camp?

Waukeela campers wear a camp uniform during the day consisting of Waukeela logo’d tops and bottoms. Wearing a camp uniform allows our Waukeela girls to focus on having fun and enjoying our community without having to worry about what to wear.

To purchase Waukeela uniforms, visit the camp store.

What are the living arrangements like?

Waukeela girls live in wood cabins with screen windows and doors. Along with 4-5 bunk mates, each cabin has a counselor as well. All of the cabins have electricity and are a short walk to shared bathrooms. The cabins are lined up in two rows: Junior and Senior Alley!

How is the food at Camp Waukeela?

At Waukeela, we eat all of our meals together in a lively dining hall experience! It is important to us that we provide the best food possible to keep our campers active and healthy. Our camp chef makes some of the most fantastic fresh salads, pastas and main courses you could imagine! Read more about the food at Waukeela here.

What are the counselors like?

Waukeela counselors are the best! They are caring, energetic and specialists in many different areas. Our counselors also come from all over the world. Counselors are fantastic role models to our campers and many of them have been coming to Waukeela since they were campers.

How can I communicate with my camper during the summer?

Waukeela campers love to receive letters during the summer! We highly recommend writing your daughter during her time at Waukeela. You can also email her through our CampInTouch system.

Does Waukeela have a religious affiliation?

Waukeela does not have a specific religious affiliation and all of our campers come from differing backgrounds. We do hold our Sunday celebration every week where our campers and staff members reflect on the values associated with being a Waukeela campers such as gratitude, friendship, and self-reflection.

Are electronic devices allowed at Waukeela?

At Waukeela we work hard to build a community based on relationships and face-to-face communication. Because of this, we do not allow electronic devices except for digital cameras and music-only devices.