Closing the Summer Learning Gap at Waukeela

Posted by on April 24, 2017

When school ends, a new chapter begins. Summer means more time to play, hang out with friends, and dive into new skills. Unfortunately, for many kids, summer also means more time watching TV, scrolling through social media, and hanging out indoors. In fact, the National Summer Learning Association reports that student achievement gaps increase significantly during the summer.

At Waukeela, we fill that learning gap with a wide variety of arts, adventure, and sports activities. Each of these activities provide a unique opportunity for girls to grow and learn more about themselves. Here are a few of the ways Waukeela helps close the summer learning gap:

Taking on New Challenges

Being away from home, meeting new people, trying new things – each of these experiences are scary at first, but have lifelong benefits that help girls face future challenges in life. Being away from home helps girls become more independent and self-sufficient. This lets girls take initiative on student projects, extracurricular activities, and internships.

Every challenge at camp is a new opportunity to learn and grow. When girls face their fears and get out of their comfort zones, they realize that anything is possible!

Living in a Community

Social skills are more important than ever in our increasingly technologically-focused job market. In fact, one study predicts that most future jobs will be automated. This means that there is a growing demand for employees who have great interpersonal skills. At Waukeela, campers live in a community of girls with different interests, personalities, and passions. Girls learn to solve conflicts and make connections with others who are different from them. This is not only a great skill to have in school, but an exceptionally useful skill to have in the workplace.

Learning About New Passions

During the summer, girls have more time to focus on their individual strengths and passions. Without the worry of homework or deadlines, girls can explore a different kind of learning. Many Waukeela campers find that they are interested in activities they wouldn’t normally try during the school year. This helps girls build a new sense of drive that powers them through school and life.

As you can see, there’s no short of learning and fun at Waukeela! We can’t wait to see all the new skills girls will learn this summer.