Camp Waukeela is the gift that keeps giving

Posted by on December 13, 2018

Gift giving is one of the most cherished traditions of the holiday season. But as children grow, gift giving becomes… a bit more difficult. How do you choose a gift they won’t grow out of, break, or forget as soon as they move onto the next one? Maybe this year, it’s time to ditch the material gift in place of something that will last – a gift they can look forward to, an experience, a lifetime of memories.

Skip the iPhone X, air pods, and clothes, and send the girl or young woman in your life on an adventure. This year, give the gift of a summer at Camp Waukeela.

When you give a summer at Waukeela, you’re giving growth, self-confidence, independence, and an opportunity for a girl to become the best version of herself. Those are things you just can’t put a price tag on.  

We’ve come up with some fun ways to give the gift of Camp Waukeela this holiday season:

  • Pre-care package
    • Pack up her favorite snacks, a letter, some socks, a Waukeela brochure, and any other favorite care-package items. Place the items in a box with some colorful tissue paper. Address the box with her name and “Camp Waukeela.” When she opens the package, she will get a sneak peek of her first camp care package!
  • Specialized gift
    • Check out the many skills and activities (link to activities page) she can choose from while at Camp Waukeela, and gift her something as a hint. It could be a small bow and arrow, a tennis racket, pine leaves, or some clay. Leave a note with the gift letting her know that she will get some use out of the items, and learn more skills, while at Camp Waukeela!
  • Camera
    • Whether it’s an old-school disposable camera, or a hi-tech waterproof, digital camera, let her know that she will have a summer worth photographing while at Camp Waukeela.

So, what are you waiting for?!? Happy shopping!