Covid-19 Update | Camp Waukeela

Covid-19 Update

This week, we received the earliest draft form of guidelines for camps from the state of New Hampshire. The state guidelines are not finalized, and may not be for several months. In the meantime, the draft guidelines have given us a better idea of what to expect at camp this summer. We continue to plan for the least restrictive environment possible at camp while still adhering to best practice guidelines for minimizing transmission. Some examples of what campers and staff should expect this summer are:

Pre-camp isolation and monitoring: Families will be asked to avoid unnecessary travel and strictly adhere to social distancing in the 14 days prior to camp, limiting interactions to the immediate household. Each family will be asked to check campers at home daily for potential symptoms, and to report any concerns to us PRIOR to departing for camp. 

Quarantine: Staff will be placed in bubbles on arrival, and will not interact between bubbles until the designated quarantine period is passed. Campers will also quarantine on arrival in assigned bubbles, with designated counselors for each bubble. This presents some challenges to the traditional Waukeela summer, but our staff has been hard at work developing creative ways for us to have an amazing time while keeping everyone safe. 

Daily health checks: Each camper and staff member will be screened daily for potential symptoms of contagious illness. Anyone exhibiting signs of contagious illness will be isolated until a health care provider has agreed that it is safe for them to return. This means that if your camper comes down with a stuffy nose at camp, it will be thoroughly evaluated as possible Covid-19 before they are permitted to return to camp. If someone develops symptoms at camp, their bubble will also need to be quarantined for a length of time, potentially for as long as 14 days. 

Testing: Campers and staff will be expected to arrive with a recent negative Covid (PCR) test. The time frame between obtaining the test and arriving at camp is to be determined, based on evolving CDC and state guidance.We expect testing will be required of everyone after arriving at camp, at intervals determined by the state. 

Masks: will be required, except in situations where it is not safe to wear a mask, for the first week or so. Masking will likely be required for the duration of camp where there are interactions among bubbles. 

Dining, showers and other practical matters: will occur within bubbles, times will be staggered. Dining and activities will be outdoors as a rule, and only moved indoors when absolutely necessary. If indoor dining and activities are required, the number of people in each indoor space will be limited.  

Trips: if permitted, will be limited to those trips that can be undertaken only amongst bubbles AND be conducted without interacting with the public. 

Camp, due to its very nature, is unpredictable. Situations may arise that necessitate gathering indoors for safety. Please be assured that we will take every appropriate precaution while working within situations as they present themselves. If you have any questions about our plan for maintaining a safe and healthy camp this summer, please contact nurse Aja Hutchins

Updated February 2nd 2021