Why to Attend New Hampshire Overnight Camps

Posted by on November 17, 2022

Have you been thinking about sending your daughter to a sleepaway summer camp? There are a number of reasons why you should send your kids to summer camp. Many of those reasons relate to an increase in their confidence and social skills, to teach them more about themselves and the world they live in, and others, but also just for them to have fun and engage in activities they wouldn’t get to do otherwise. But why should you choose an overnight camp based in New Hampshire? We’ve compiled a list of reasons New Hampshire is the best location for your girls to enjoy summer camp.

1. Crystal Lake

sailboat on Crystal Lake

North Conway in New Hampshire is home to the beautiful Crystal Lake. Crystal Lake is the centerpiece to the local town of Eaton, which is where Waukeela Camp for Girls is based. The lake is beautiful all year round, surrounded by pine trees and home to friendly loons. There’s nothing that quite compares to a dip in Crystal Lake. Whether you’re diving off of our board at Big Dock or you’re sailing to the other end of the lake on one of our sailboats – Waukeela Camp has a very special relationship with Crystal Lake.

2. The White Mountains of New Hampshire

group of girls holding hands with their arms upon top of the white mountains in NH

New Hampshire is known for its famous White Mountains. There’s no view that is quite like the one you will see driving over the Kancamagus Highway – a great reason to detour before you drop your daughter off for her overnight camping experience at Waukeela. Not only are they a scenic route, the White Mountains also offer a stimulating hike for those up for the challenge of hiking Mount Washington. Whether you’re a visiting family or you want to get your daughter signed up for the hike with our trips department here at Camp – the view is absolutely worth it. 

3. The Wildlife

moose in the road

As mentioned, Waukeela is already home to many loons, turtles, and friendly little chipmunks. But on the drive to drop your daughter off, you may just be lucky enough to spot a deer, a bear or even a moose!


 4. The Best Berries in Town

Waukeela camper holding a basket of strawberries

If you’re a strawberry, raspberry or blueberry fan – you’ll definitely want to pick your own in New Hampshire. This is actually a tradition we offer our eldest and youngest girls every Summer. It’s  a great chance for them to bond whilst also bringing home some delicious berries for our Chef to cook into some sweet dessert for the rest of Camp!


5. Conway Scenic Railroad

A train from the Conway Scenic Railroad on a bridge over a road

After you pick your daughter up from Waukeela, why not distract her from her camp sickness by taking her on an old fashioned railroad experience in the local town of North Conway. A great unique way to see New Hampshire!