Waukeela: A coming of age experience for girls

Posted by on February 26, 2015


We believe that a summer at Waukeela is a coming of age experience for girls. Beyond all of the amazing activities we offer, we believe that camp truly prepares our campers for life as independent, thoughtful and self-confident young women.

In an unplugged environment, our campers have the opportunity to reach beyond their boundaries and grow and develop in many ways.

Stepping Outside of your Comfort Zone:

Every day at Waukeela our campers are asked to step outside of their comfort zones. Whether it be climbing to the top of our leap of faith, learning to settle an argument with a friend or working with a team to achieve a soccer victory, our girls are faced with challenges. At home, parents are often there to help deal with these challenges, but at camp we ask our campers to face challenges head on (with the loving support of our mature and skilled counselors). When our campers step outside of their comfort zone and succeed at each task, they are able to handle challenges much more successfully in the future.

Learning Life Skills:

A summer at Waukeela helps our campers learn skills such as independence, leadership and respect. A recent article by the American Camp Association showed that summer camp is the ultimate supplement to school and is a place where campers learn skills otherwise not taught in schools! Leadership opportunities at camp are abundant and we encourage all of our campers to try their hat at leading a team, project or program. Respect is a value that runs throughout the entire summer. Our campers show respect to one another by offering a helping hand in our cabins and in activities.

Meeting Lifelong Friends:

The most important coming of age experience at Waukeela is meeting lifelong friends! Any Waukeela alumnae can tell you that camp friends are the BEST friends you can have. At Waukeela our friendships are gossip and drama-free, meaning that you make friends in a kind and caring environment where you can be your authentic self.

With friends, life skills and the opportunity to safely expand their horizons, a summer at Waukeela is the perfect coming of age experience. We can’t wait for you to see your daughter turn into a more responsible, respectful and well-rounded young woman at Waukeela.