Top 3 Best Summer Camp Theme Days

Posted by on February 09, 2023

Camp Waukeela is known for its special days, planned by both our awesome counselors from around the world as well as our eldest campers over in senior alley. Special days usually come as a surprise for our campers, although some of the older campers may be expecting when they’ll happen and wake up wondering why the bugle hasn’t blown at the usual time (as special days always result in a slight sleep-in!), they can never predict quite what the theme of the day will be or how the day will run. These days allow our campers a day out of routine and like most aspects of Waukeela, also allow our girls to try new things and mingle with different campers outside of their usual groups.

Since our camp for girls was founded back in 1922, we’ve had special days with almost every theme you could think of. But let’s look back at some of the most recent themes.

1. Fourth of July

Waukeela campers dressed up for 4th of July

Contrary to what was mentioned above, our Fourth of July celebrations don’t come as much of a surprise due to it being a national holiday. However – celebrating Fourth of July during our first session has become quite a Waukeela legend tradition. From S’mores around the camp fire to ending the day singing and dancing under the fireworks at the beach of Crystal Lake, it’s always a day to remember. Not to mention, due to the diversity we host at Camp, we take Fourth of July to celebrate everyones home, origins, and cultures instead of focusing solely on the US. Our Dinner time ritual of everyone standing up to sing their national anthem is not to be missed…

2. Color Runs

2 Waukeela campers covered in colors after the Color Run

There’s nothing that compares to running into a lot of paint at summer camp. We’re not afraid of a little mess when it allows our campers to end up in fits of giggles. Color runs are perfect for all ages and abilities, even those who aren’t fans of the “run” aspect, these days have something for everyone. 

3. Scotch Pine Day

Waukeela campers dancing during Scotch Pine Day

A luxury of our eldest campers is them planning their own special themed day. The planning for this starts years before they even reach our eldest age group of being a Scotch Pine. A lot of our campers are found in their cabins even as juniors planning for this day despite it being 3 years away!! It’s a day that everyone always looks forward to. It also allows our Scotch Pine campers to develop their teamwork, organization and leadership skills. Over the years, we’ve had themes from Harry Potter to Sleeping Beauty.

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