The Benefits of an All Girls Camp

Posted by on March 23, 2015

For girls, there are many benefits to spending the summer at an all girls camp like Waukeela. Away from the peer pressure and self-consciousness that being around boys can create, camp lets girls open up and explore new activities, form meaningful friendships, and develop important confidence and leadership skills. Waukeela is a coming of age experience for girls and just one summer at camp can leave our campers with many benefits!

Free to be Herself:

At Waukeela, girls are free to open up and be themselves with their peers without worrying that they are embarrassing themselves in front of the boys. We offer lots of challenging activities, from canoeing and archery to creative writing and riflery, that girls can try without fear that they are being “too girly” or “not girly enough.” And for Waukeela girls, “dressing to impress” means wearing her best Pirate outfit or fake moustache, not her cutest dresses and fanciest makeup.

Friends That Feel Like Sisters:

When girls are free to be themselves, they open themselves up to deeper friendships built on strong foundations of shared interests and true personal connection. In addition to her assigned Camp Sister, Waukeela girls make friends all over camp in their favorite activities, their bunks, and singing along at the morning assembly. These are the best kind of friends that don’t care what a girl is wearing or who she is dating, but about how silly, sweet, and fun she is at camp.

Confidence to be a Leader:

Waukeela girls have many opportunities to become leaders and gain the self-confidence they need to grow into successful women. Every summer, campers get the chance to gain confidence by leading Camper Council, being a Big Camp Sister, or sharing her poetry at the weekly Appreciation Service. They are also surrounded by positive female role models in our amazing staff and counselors who serve as examples of what smart and confident young women can achieve.

When a girl spends her summer at Waukeela, she is spending her summer in a place where she is celebrated for being herself and for the amazing things she achieves. She can let go of the superficial things that she may worry about at school and start growing into the self-assured woman that leads her peers, with her lifelong camp friends cheering her on every step of the way!