Letter of Thanks

Posted by on March 25, 2014

Dear Phil,

We are doing a project in Language Arts where we have to write a letter thanking someone who has made a difference in our lives.  I chose you because I really would like to thank you for making Waukeela such an amazing place.  It is a place that has completely changed my life.  A place that has become such a big part of my development and a place where I will forever want to return.

Being at camp has taught me so many important life lessons, and because of these lessons I am able to make good decisions everyday in my life.  I learned to always believe and trust in myself, that when I do that I can accomplish anything, like co-leading the Greens to victory!  I have learned, and proved to myself, that I can and am able to take care of myself.  This is something that will help me so much later in life.  I have learned to always take a risk and try new things, whether they are big or small.  It could be something so big and so life changing as going to sleep away camp for the first time, or just simply going on the giant swing or zip line.

Being part of Waukeela has brought me so close to people who I would never think I would have such deep friendships with. So thank you for teaching me these extremely important life lessons, and for making Waukeela such an amazing place where I will always spend my summers.