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Our Story

bracelet-makingSince its inception in 1922, Waukeela has always been a place for girls to have a safe, fun and enriching summer. Waukeela’s founder, Fred Filbrick, and subsequent owners Vic and Twit Gabriel, Nancy Burns and Edie Middleton, Phil Steele and now Jayson Rubin have all been dedicated to maintaining Waukeela’s traditions and sense of community.

When previous owner Nancy Burns (affectionately known as Nan E.B.), returned this summer for our alumnae reunion, she was proud to say that over 31 people from her family had attended Waukeela! Alumnae from all over are bonded together through the strong history of Waukeela. Campers from all years of Waukeela fondly remember the Waukeela alma mater, “Whenever I see a pine tree, Waukeela I think of you.”

tennisThe legacy of Waukeela is, and will always be, a place where all campers and alumnae can call their second home, where they make bonds that last for a lifetime and have incredible summer experiences.