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About Camp

Waukeela Camp for Girls: A Coming of Age Experience

We believe that a summer at Waukeela is a coming of age experience for girls. Beyond all of the amazing activities we offer, we believe that camp truly prepares our campers for life as independent, thoughtful and self-confident young women.



Why Waukeela?

Girls Shine Here

Each and every girl at Waukeela can shine in her own way while at Camp. Whether on the lake, in a production, on the pottery wheel or on the playing field, we give each girl the opportunity to be her best self while she is here. Every girl fits in at Waukeela because every girl is accepted for being herself!

Girls Grow Here

yogaA summer at Waukeela helps our campers learn skills such as independence, leadership and respect. After a summer at Waukeela, your daughter will return with a higher level of confidence in herself, her choices and the way she treats others. Our camp community fosters this growth through a series of age-appropriate challenges and guidance from caring role models.

Girls Meet Lifelong Friends Here

The most important coming of age experience at Waukeela is meeting lifelong friends! Any Waukeela alumnae can tell you that camp friends are the BEST friends you can have. At Waukeela our friendships are gossip and drama-free, meaning that girls make friends in a kind and caring environment where they can be their authentic selves.





Camp Culture

A Culture of Sisterhood

The Waukeela sisterhood means everything to our campers, parents, staff and alumnae. Our culture is centered around building lifelong friendships, encouraging each other, providing our campers with strong role models and having a community where everyone contributes their best self.

A Culture of Growth

At Waukeela our campers have the opportunity to experience failure and success in a safe environment. In an environment where we don’t keep score for each failure, but a place where our campers can try and try again. The growth experience at Waukeela is one of a kind! Our campers return home more confident in their abilities and take these new-found successes with them into their everyday lives.

A Culture of Tradition

Since 1922, Waukeela has been a summer camp where girls can be a part of something larger than themselves. The traditions of our camp are ones that our campers and alumnae remember for the rest of their lives! When a new camper joins Waukeela they are immediately brought into our community through the spirit and fun of our traditions.



Camp Philosophy and Value

The philosophy of Waukeela is built around strengthening relationships with ourselves, our community and each other.

Building Relationships

red-kayakMaking and keeping friendships is a central theme of our Waukeela philosophy. Camp friends truly are friends for life and Waukeela girls make long-lasting friendships each summer at Camp. Unlike at school, Waukeela campers get to know girls who are both younger and older than they are. Building both mentor and mentee relationships is a goal of ours at Waukeela each summer.

Building Community

The Waukeela community is extremely special and unique to our summer camp experience. As a community we aim to build each other up, develop skills and experience leadership and growth. We help each other reach our goals and no Waukeela girl succeeds alone.

Building Self

At Waukeela we aim to build a community where every camper is accepted for exactly who she is. Our community is built on respect for each other and a desire to incorporate the Waukeela traditions of sisterhood and personal growth.