Waukeela Camp for Girls - in New Hampshire's White Mountains

Waukeela is a traditional summer girls camp located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a two hour drive north of Boston. If you’re looking for a summer full of fun and adventure plus the chance to get to know some of the friendliest girls from 6 of the 7 continents of the world (sorry, there’s no-one here from Antarctica), you’ve come to the right place!! Here’s some of what you can see and do on this site:

See camp in action by watching the Waukeela Video, the best way to learn if you are a Waukeela girl! If you like what you see, you're going to love camp!

Watch a slide show of A Day in the Life of Waukeela, which takes you on an “inside tour” of a cabin, the dining hall, etc. You’ll also find out about some of the “unusual” days we have at camp, which come so often that no two days are ever really alike!

Learn about all the activities you can do at camp, from archery to white-water canoeing. At Waukeela, we mostly offer activities that you can’t or don’t do much of at home - sports like horseback riding, sailing and windsurfing, and the creative arts like drama, pottery, and dance. If you want to play a lot of soccer or basketball or baseball this summer, you may want to try someplace else - we’ve got more adventurous and creative things in mind, and the counselors to help you do them!

Listen to some camp songs. Waukeela girls are always singing - at assembly every morning, in the cabins each night, in the dining hall at every meal, and just about any time in between. Old and new songs, fast and slow, silly and solemn, loud and soft - everyone sings at Waukeela, but nobody cares if you can’t carry the tune!

Watch some short video clips of dramatic performances put on at camp. There are lots of opportunities to act at Waukeela – in musicals, comedies, even Shakespearean plays – and everyone who tries out always gets a part!